.024 Heavy Duty Fascia

Our Heavy Duty (HD) Fascia: Our Nominal .024 Aluminum Fascia is available in 3 different sizes, 4”, 6”, and 8”. It is produced with H28 grade aluminum and with an available rib system that highly resists oil canning.


4" (FCH4)
6" (FCH6)
8" (FCH8)

Aluminum Smooth Fascia Cover


4" (FCHB4)
6" (FCHB6)
8" (FCHB8)

Aluminum Beaded Fascia Cover


4" (FCHR4)
6" (FCHR6)
8" (FCHR8)

Aluminum Ribbed Fascia Cover

Finish: PVC
Gauge: Nominal .024
Length: 12'
Pieces per carton: 25
Cartons per skid:

Available .024 Colors

Musket Brown White

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